Bluemint: Towels

No matter if you are on your way at the beach, or bathroom, Bluemint has some basic accessory that for sure will be helpful for all of you, no matter if you are boy or a girl. Sounds interesting? Well, here you go, my dear reader: towels (Hector line). Why these towels are so perfect, that I made my mind to share them with you, it's obvious: first of all they are 100% Cotton, they come in generous size (180 cm by 70 cm) and each of them has a creative pique weave with jacquard artwork.

Bluemint Towels (1)

No matter what, but you will need this towel. This bright beach accessory provides a perfect finishing touch to your summer style. Just imagine yourself riding waves in wikiki and after going out of the water you are wiping your body with this towel, I guess all the girls will be watching you, as each design has an amazing color varying from blue, red, yellow to orange and green.

Bluemint Towels (2)

Bluemint Towels (3)

Bluemint Towels (4)

Bluemint Towels (5)

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