2(X)IST Men’s Activewear

I do like sports and I want to wear something comfy and functional. Today, there are thousands of sportswear brands, but it seems like no one produces really practical activewear. Stop! There is one brand that is a real innovator in comfort, fit and style. Its name is 2(X)IST (pronounced "to exist"). This American fashion brand was founded in 1991, that's why it's fair to say, they have a big experience in producing athletic wear. Available at David Jones in Australia.

2(X)IST Men's Activewear (1)

A zippered cover-up with an adjustable drawstring hood in grey color.

What is so special about 2(X)IST, anyway? They are known for cutting-edge fashion, contoured shapes, and superior comfort. Currently, 2(X)IST is available at Partner Retailers across six continents, including multiple 2(X)IST-branded storefronts and shop-in-shops throughout Asia. In today's post I want to share with you great daily wardrobe essentials ideal for runs, gyms and street walks. You are going to find comfy hoodies, sweatpants and shorts. Anyway, let's have a closer look at these relaxed fit essentials.

2(X)IST Men's Activewear (2)

A pair of cotton-blended straight-fit sweatpants. Ideal for gym or long walks.

2(X)IST Men's Activewear (3)

2(X)IST Men's Activewear (4)

Low-rising, cotton-blended sweatshorts with an elastic drawstring waist in denim color.

2(X)IST Men's Activewear (5)

Mid-length breathable trainer tech shorts in victoria blue color.

2(X)IST Men's Activewear (6)

Casual low-rise pants in comfortable, ribbed material in black heather.

2(X)IST Men's Activewear (7)

A pair of 3/4 length rugby cropped pants in estate blue color.

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