Knitted kids hoods from Chateau de Sable

Keep your child's head and ears in warmth thanks to these pretty knitted kids hoods from Chateau de Sable. I don't want to remind you, but the winter season is just around the corner, so you and your kids better be ready for the upcoming cold months. These delightful knitted hoods from Chateau de Sable will work wonders at keeping little ones protected from the cold.

Fleece Hood Pink 04808_03_F

That's an ideal accessory for full head and neck coverage. This design boasts practicality by eliminating the need for a scarf. Be sure, the little ones will stay gloriously snug wearing these hats which feature luxurious cashmere and cotton outer and cozy warm fleece inner lining with handy popper fastenings underneath. Available in taupe, blue and pinks colors. By the way, it's a perfect little gift for youngsters this Christmas.

Fleece Hood Taupe 04808_04_F

Knitted kids hoods from Chateau de Sable

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