Kids Wedding Styles 2014 by Marie-Chantal

Marie-Chantal reveals amazing kids wedding clothing styles for this 2014 season. All the presented looks are perfect for any wedding. We see timeless designs and colors. You are about to see beautiful dresses made of shimmering silks, chiffons while the boys suits come in soft cotton. No matter what is the main theme of your wedding, 100 % you will find here the perfect look for your child. Choose a georgette silk dress in silver with neon pink sequins trims for girls, or a full length Princess dress for a Flower Girl which can be accessorized with tonal ballerinas and hair bows. Boys can try on comfy and light cotton suits with poplin trim, which come in gray and beige.

Marie-Chantal - Wedding - group shot

Boys appear in summer suit jackets, which feature tailored jackets made of pure cotton and featuring patch pockets and engraved buttons, Oxford shirts in crisp cotton and formal cotton trousers. Girls pose in princess gowns made of pure silk. I felt in love with the peplum waist and ruffled sleeves, looks so sweet and girlish. Other girls wear floaty ensembles in georgette silk and flutter sleeves. Toddler is wearing baby jacquard gown, which is an ideal choice for little bridesmaids.

Marie-Chantal - jacquard dress, princess dress & floaty dress

Here we see girl in the middle who wears a princess gown, girl on the right appears in georgette silk ensemble and girl on left looks sweet in jacquard design and bolero cardigan, which is an excellent choice for little bridesmaids.

Marie-Chantal - wedding - jacquard dress on long sofa

A jacquard ensemble made from shimmering cream jacquard.

Marie-Chantal - wedding - jaquard dress on sofa 2

Marie-Chantal - wedding - jaquard dress on sofa

Marie-Chantal - wedding - summer suit & jacquard dress 2

Girl appears in the jacquard look and the boy in the summer suit outfit

Marie-Chantal - wedding - summer suit & jacquard dress with posy

Marie-Chantal - wedding - summer suit & jacquard dress

Marie-Chantal - wedding - summer suit jackets

The boys are wearing tailored looks

Marie-Chantal - Wedding edit group - less mist

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  1. Goodness, so much stylish adorable-ness in one great post! Love the different looks and styles.

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