Women’s Hairstyles For Summer 2014

It looks like the summer 2014 dictates us the real women hairstyle trends, as we see many fashion shows and lookbooks that feature practical hairstyles. It looks like all the presented styles are made for a quick styling, that's what a real business woman needs. So, today's topic will be all about women's hairstyles for the upcoming summer. Well, you shouldn't be afraid that all the styles will be quite the same, contrary, the haircut will be a bold appearance of your inner world and individuality, while the greatest originality is hidden beneath different kind of hair length combination, original bangs shapes and hair accessories.

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Let's have a look at the summer short hairstyles that are practical and comfortable at the same time. It's no secret, that many women try on short hair length, because of the same practicality. The short hair has another great plus: they are cheaper, than the long haircuts. The styling of short hair will require less time than the styling of the long hair. The most popular short hairstyles are bob cat hairstyles, short cascade hair. All in all, the 2014 styling of these haircuts is quite aggressive that it was few decades earlier. The asymmetric haircuts are back in town, so it looks like the 1980's are coming back.

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Now, it's time to overview mid length hairstyles for the next 2014 summer season. Mid length is an universal length which can be styled in many variations, I might say it's the ideal length for those who want to try everything new. That's why you can try all the best styles and ideas from short and long hairstyles. Asymmetry will look gorgeous on mid length hair women. The cascade haircut is popular on mid length haircuts.

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Girls with long hair will definitely find here some really timeless cuts that will make them stand out the crowd. That's what I call feminine look. There are known several must have variations that might look outstanding on you. No matter if you have wavy or curly hair, there will always be a universal haircut which will suit you. The straight long hair will look amazing with straight bangs and wavy locks. Wavy hair will look gorgeous if you will make a cascading cut and after you will add volume. Curly hair will look cool if you will make cascade or asymmetry.

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