Why Beard Is Hot In Hollywood 5 Reasons

Nowhere are beards hotter than in Hollywood. With all of the professional beard stylist out there, so many Hollywood stars love to grow out their beards. Lists of celebrities' "before and after the beard" is expanding and really fun to look at. It's incredible to see so many Hollywood starts completely transform their appearance with a simple beard. Some of them follow the current trends, while some are merely pulling off the styles that suit their facial features the most. There are endless reasons why the beard is so hot in Hollywood, and here are five of them.

Why Beard Is Hot In Hollywood 5 Reasons 2019

Reason #1: Hollywood mirrors current trends

Why Beard Is Hot In Hollywood 5 Reasons 2019

Beard trends come and go quite swiftly. It's sometimes hard to follow them. But, Hollywood stars are there to follow those trends and be the first ones to try them out. Very little time passes from the moment when a new beard style is introduced to the time Hollywood stars start testing it out. For movies that are set in the present, it's quite significant that men have beards that represent those that are currently hot.

Reason #2: Hollywood loves masculine men

Why Beard Is Hot In Hollywood 5 Reasons 2019

Arguably, the beard makes a man. No other industry believes in this sentence more than Hollywood. Representing masculinity through thick and rich beards has been a norm ever since films were first introduced. Even in our culture, masculinity has always been associated with fabulous beards. And, we all know that Hollywood is provides us with an almost perfect representation of our culture. When we love masculine men with beards, so does Hollywood.

Reason #3: It's a tradition

Why Beard Is Hot In Hollywood 5 Reasons 2019

What do George Clooney, Jeff Bridges, Justin Timberlake, Nick Offerman, and Johnny Depp have in common? Absolutely stunning beards, of course! When we see a picture a famous actor from the twenties or thirties, we can't help but imagine a well-dressed man with a full beard. This tradition stayed with us until today. You can get ideas from beardstyle.net if you want some inspiration about various beard traditions.

Reason #4: They're iconic

Why Beard Is Hot In Hollywood 5 Reasons 2019

When a Hollywood star chooses the right beard for himself, it can make him look iconic. This is what happened to many actors such as Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott, George Hayes, and Kevin Costner. These men became hot icons right when they grew out their beards. It just goes to show that expressing your personality through the right beard style can make you iconic. Because of that, every man should experiment with different beard style until he finds the one for himself. Who knows, it might just make him become iconic, too!

Reason #5: Beards are hot in general!

Why Beard Is Hot In Hollywood 5 Reasons 2019

Of course, beards are going to be hot in Hollywood since they're hot everywhere else. And to everyone! Women absolutely adore men with nice beards. It's something Hollywood easily noticed and made beards widely spread in the scene. They wanted to cash in on the simple truth that women are naturally more attracted to men with beards. It's no wonder why this trend is so spread out among many famous stars in Hollywood.

Nobody can deny the fact that beards are and have always been hot in Hollywood. From old and iconic movie actors to today's most famous stars, beards always had their place in Hollywood. This is of course for good reasons. Afterall, we can all appreciate an awesome beard.

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