What are Short Stacked Hairstyles 2018

If you’re new to the whole haircutting scene, then short, stacked hairstyles might be something new that you can look into. One of the great things about short, stacked hairstyles is that they are a very versatile look. They’re shaping and slimming for round faces, broaden out thin and triangular faces, and work well with pretty much any facial shape or hair texture and type that you can think of.

What are Short Stacked Hairstyles 2018

First of all, stacked haircuts normally have short, but not too short layers in the back, while the front is longer—much longer. This has a sort of sophisticated elegance that you can’t achieve with most haircuts and since it looks great on anybody, you don’t have to sit there, admiring someone else’s hair and wishing that you could pull it off. That’s the beauty of short, stacked hairstyles—ANYONE can pull them off.

Next, the shape matures your face—without making you look old. One reason is that it slims your face (making baby fat disappear) and helps to accentuate your cheekbones.

What are Short Stacked Hairstyles 2018

The tops layers of short, stacked hairstyles are normally a little bit longer than the rest of the back layers. This serves to keep the top from sticking up unnecessarily and also allows you to tease and play with that top layer for a bit of volume—and a little bit of fun. The sides usually come down to frame the face, with side swept bangs as the center pierce. The bangs generally just barely brush the eyebrows in length, although they can also be longer and go down along with the sides. It’s up to you and what you prefer. Both sides can also be different lengths, turning into an asymmetrical hairstyle! Short, stacked hairstyles can be loads of fun—so have fun with then and make them your own!

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