The Best Christina Aguilera Hairstyles

Like no Other. There are so many Christina Aguilera’s hairstyle variations, that I find myself difficult to describe them all. Well, one thing is known for sure, those hairstyles are glamour, cool, stylish and 100% eye-catching. Christina wows with diverse hairstyles, no matter what place she attends, it can be TV Shows, stage, red carpet events. Let's take a look at some bright and the best hairstyle of Christina Aguilera. Some of these hairstyles are ultra modern, others are vintage hairstyles and all of them vary from short, medium to long ones.

The Best Christina Aguilera Hairstyles 2018

Some say, Christina's straight hair looks perfect and is one of her best, yet my favorite one is that sleek and straight. Here below are shown famous waved styles with waved locks, and of course curly hairstyles. My favorites of curls are: voluminous ones and crazy curly styles (one of these styles was Marilyn Monroe inspired).

The Best Christina Aguilera Hairstyles 2018

The Best Christina Aguilera Hairstyles 2018

Experts say that Christina's best wavy hairstyles are loose wavy and soft. What you think, my opinion Aguilera's cool style was half up half down hairstyle and of course ponytail. One thing is known for sure, Christina knows how to shock, as she was spotted with cornrows, French twist updos, halo braid updo, various styles of buns and pin up hairstyles. The last hairstyle that I wanted to mention today is called bob. As you can see below, Christina has worn different types of bob styles: blunt bobs, sharp cut bobs, curly bobs.

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