Short Haircuts for Men 2019

Men’s haircuts are very different from women’s but they require as much care and consideration. Men usually keep short hair because it makes them look neat and sophisticated. Since men are more involved in physical activity, such as playing sports and exercising, they are more susceptible to sweat and oily hair, which is also why they tend to keep a short and clean hairstyle.

Short Haircuts for Men 2019

Men are very particular about their hair and their looks and are just as concerned as women about having a great haircut. It literally boosts the confidence level. The short hair style accentuates the facial features and not only makes them look good but improves their personality as well.

However, it is very important to find the right hair style that suits you. If your head and face cut is small, then small hair is not the best type of style for you. On the other hand, if you have a medium sized head, small hair would be the best and appropriate style.

Military type short hair cuts are very popular and require very less maintenance. You don’t have to worry about combing them or keeping them in place. All you have to do is shampoo them regularly.

Spiky hairstyle has been popular for years and everybody loves the way they look. It accentuates the features and gives a sexy look. You can use a wide variety of gels and hair spray to make this style. L’Oreal ‘Party Proof’ gel is a great product if you want perfect spikes with maximum hold.
The Mohawk style is very trendy and gives a rock star type look.

Everybody wants to be a rock star and this is just perfect for it. You can use all sorts of hair wax and sprays to get this rock star look. The textured haircut is a great style for guys who have longer faces. It creates a sporty look and is usually cut with a blade or razor technique. It’s also very fashionable and easy to maintain. Just apply styling wax to wet hair using fingers to rub it throughout for the best effect.

If you want a funky look, the twisted quiff haircut is perfect for that. It’s a casual and uplifting hairstyle that creates volume and height to suit smaller rounder faces. Mousse is the best product for keeping the hair in place.

If you want to look elegant and sexy, then the short tapper haircut is the right cut for you. It’s very stylish and is cut in layers, with longer layers on top. The sides and back is cut into shorter layers while leaving the side-burns a little longer and thicker. You will surely look like a lady killer.

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