Modern Bob Haircuts 2015

If you keep on searching for something new and ideal for your face shape, then why don't you try on one of these modern bob haircuts for this 2015 year? There is no difficulties and restrictions for the following looks, as each one of them will greatly suit your face shape. The following compilation features stunning ideas with angled cuts, voluminous looks (which create height at the crown), eye-catching details, as well as classic shapes. Every single look can be updated with waves, natural messiness and other great details, I mean there are diverse styling options. I have spent much time finding these great looks and I hope you will like them the same as me. Enjoy this collection and tell me what are your favorites.

Modern Bob Haircuts 2015 (1)

Angled voluminous bob is an ideal style for those ladies who want to try on something unique.

Modern Bob Haircuts 2015 (2)

Go bold and try on this fixated wavy look. It has some retro, fashion-forward touches.

Modern Bob Haircuts 2015 (3)

If you think this look is had, then I am pretty sure you are misguided, as it's one of the simplest looks to achieve. Just use a bit of spray and make it on one side.

Modern Bob Haircuts 2015 (4)

There are thousands of great updos which you can achieve styling your new haircut.

Modern Bob Haircuts 2015 (5)

Whimsical and volumed side hair. Keep it messy and retro inspired by wearing this gorgeous wavy style at special occasions.

Modern Bob Haircuts 2015 (6)

If you don't want yourself a short haircut, then you can always go for a mid-length angled blunt cut also known as the 'Long to Short' look. The following look is slightly longer in the front and short at the back.

Modern Bob Haircuts 2015 (7)

Platinum blonde model poses in bob style with short blunt bangs.

Modern Bob Haircuts 2015 (8)

Some say it's all about symmetry. Try on this gorgeous blunt fringe, sleek, angled bob. To elevate to an acute angle in back.

Modern Bob Haircuts 2015 (9)

Here we see another short version with side part and bangs. Make it voluminous for a glamour touch.

Modern Bob Haircuts 2015 (10)

If you do like classic cuts, but you really want to add some modern sophistication, then go for this popular angled short bob with thick bangs which features a fixed look and creative wavy touch.

Modern Bob Haircuts 2015 (11)

Angled short bob with blunt bangs is perfect for ladies with heart and oval face shapes.

Modern Bob Haircuts 2015 (12)

Here we see angled bob with blunt and layered bangs, which is an ideal option for triangular and diamond faces.

Modern Bob Haircuts 2015 (14)

If you really want to try on something creative and bold, then go for this buzz back bob.

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