Messy little bun and top knots for long and medium hair

I want to share with you my favorite messy little buns/ top knots for ladies with long and medium hair lengths. That's an impressive look that makes you look creative and diverse. There are lots of beautiful styles to try, but the most simple and awesome is of course messy little bun. I think it's the quickest and easiest way to look glamorous and smart-casual at the same time. I see lots of hipsters and indie rock lovers who appear at various events with such hairstyle. The position of your top knot is very important, you have to be sure that the back of the head is very smooth.

Messy little bun for long and medium hair (1)

Speaking of possible events to attend with such look, then I can name several of them, including cocktail parties, art galleries, art house events, hipster parties and many other creative happenings. Anyway, it's an ideal style to do in the morning before work or for a night out, when you have no time for long preparations.

Messy little bun for long and medium hair (2)

Messy little bun for long and medium hair (3)

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