Men’s Undercut Haircuts

It's been a while since I last wrote about men's hairstyle. Today I want you to have a look at these awesome ideas and samples of men's undercut haircuts. This look comes with so many options, as you can make it with almost any hair length and volume (on the top of the head), while The sides and the back are kept short. This year it is still strong enough, as we see lots of hipsters, dappers, grunge lovers, fashionistas and trendsetters wearing this awesome undercut style. This look was very popular back in the 1930's and 1940's years. This edgy look will for sure be in center of everyone's attention.

Men's Undercut Haircuts  (1)

David Beckham looks pretty cool with undercut and tortoise sunglasses. Love the unshaved look.

Men's Undercut Haircuts  (2)

The back side of the head. Looks retro inspired to me.

Men's Undercut Haircuts  (3)

Here we see punk inspired versions, where the right one looks like a faux hawk.

Men's Undercut Haircuts  (4)

Keep the front hair up and make it 1960's inspired.

Men's Undercut Haircuts  (5)

A preppy punk rock guy with rounded sunglasses.

Men's Undercut Haircuts  (6)

The urban lover looks cool with a stylish undercut hair.

Men's Undercut Haircuts  (7)

The slicked back option with tortoise rounded eyeglasses.

Men's Undercut Haircuts  (8)

Men's Undercut Haircuts  (9)

Men's Undercut Haircuts  (10)

The slicked back hair and extremely short sides. Looks pretty awesome:

Men's Undercut Haircuts  (11)

Men's Undercut Haircuts  (12)

Men's Undercut Haircuts  (13)

Men's Undercut Haircuts  (14)

Thanks to its awesome undercut, you will automatically look modern and tough. As I have already told, leave the upper part longer and shave your head sides. If you want to make it like a dapper, then make a slicked-back look, or keep it rock-and-roll inspired by making sides super shaved and sleek back the front hair. Truly saying, there are numerous of styling ideas, everything depends on your imagination, as you can make it look classy or go for an extreme one.

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