Long Bob (Lob) Haircuts 2015

No matter what is in trend, but we all love long bobs (lobs). In today's collection we are going to see pretty cool lobs which are favorable by celebrities, singers, actresses all around the world. Each one of these looks are versatile and easy to style. No matter if you wear it with curls, loose, straight, beach waves or bangs- you are gonna look fantastic. But why is everyone around os so obsessed with lobs? This look is very popular since...forever. I think everyone looks great with this look, regardless of styles and hair colors.

Long Bob (Lob) Haircuts 2015  (1)

Yes, it looks clean cut, un-fussy and very simple to care. The real thing about long bobs is the following: When a girl or a lady wants some drastic changes in her appearance (as if she has a pretty long hair), but she is a bit (very) afraid of cutting her locks, then the lob comes for a rescue. This look is pretty long and can be changed in many different styles, I mean you can do ponytail, buns, top knots if you like. Anyway, I think you better check out this compilation and make some notes. Hope these images will inspire you to make an outstanding look for this year.

Keep it modern and trendy. Try on this gorgeous shoulder length look with straight bangs. It's ideal for women with oblong, heart and inverted triangle faces:

Long Bob (Lob) Haircuts 2015  (2)

If you are one of those ladies who likes to wear casual clothes, then I recommend to try on this side parting and side fringe bob:

Long Bob (Lob) Haircuts 2015  (3)

If you are over 25 or 30, then I advice to try on this wavy lob with side short bangs. It is great for women with triangle, heart and square shape faces:

Long Bob (Lob) Haircuts 2015  (4)

Long Bob (Lob) Haircuts 2015  (5)

If you want to try on something new, then go for a tapered bangs lob. It looks great on grey platinum blondes:

Long Bob (Lob) Haircuts 2015  (6)

Long Bob (Lob) Haircuts 2015  (7)

Keep it cool and go for A-line lob with straight bangs. It's an ideal look for ladies who are in love with grunge style.

Long Bob (Lob) Haircuts 2015  (8)

That's a classy look for those women who have oval and rectangular face shapes.

Long Bob (Lob) Haircuts 2015  (9)

If you do like natural looks, then you better go for a messy A-line look with mid parting. It looks great on round faces.

Long Bob (Lob) Haircuts 2015  (10)

That's a very long bob which is ideal for those women who are afraid of making drastic changes.

Long Bob (Lob) Haircuts 2015  (11)

How about a curly version which is ideal for women with diamond faces.

Long Bob (Lob) Haircuts 2015  (12)

How about a sleek and sophisticated version? I love the straight bangs.

Long Bob (Lob) Haircuts 2015  (13)

A slightly tapered look is meant for ladies who are still wearing boyfriend jeans and casual separates.

Long Bob (Lob) Haircuts 2015  (14)

I love this messy bob with curvy sides. It's an ideal look for everyday wear.

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