Latest Short Layered Hairstyles Prom

I'd like to share with all of you my dear fashionistas these gorgeous and voguish short layered hairstyles for prom night. This article will show you the most stylish and latest hairstyles that will rock the night and day. I think there is no need saying, that short hair can look versatile enough if we speak about fun formal styles, that's why I advise you to take your short haircut to a whole new level with one of these amazing gorgeous styles for prom day. You can simply add few curls, accessories and flips to make your look fresh and stylish.

Latest Short Layered Hairstyles Prom 2018

Here are shown vintage inspired hair styles, which give you an extra retro style, as you can see from the curls that are inspired by the original Hollywood starlets.

You can try Ultra-Mod version which is a unique style and amps your personal flair.

Latest Short Layered Hairstyles Prom 2018

If you want something voguish, then why don't you try this Ultra Cool look, just pull hair off to the side and make it look dramatic and sophisticated.

Latest Short Layered Hairstyles Prom 2018

I personally like that big volume rock star style which has short length and goes minimalistic with your overall look.

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