How To Make A French Braid

Today I am going to share with you some tutorials regarding the possible way to weave a French braid. It's considered, that the style of this braid was invented by French hairstylists, that's why it started to be named French braid. So, it's a braid, that is weaved from three strands, that are closely adjoined to the head. This style is very popular among celebrities and TV stars, that's why fashion gave us several style options: the braid which is slightly set on one side of the head, "reversed" (inverted) French braid, zigzag braid, fishtail like braid and various hair wreaths of braids that are woven in French style. This style looks awesome on long hair or medium haired women, while women who have short hair won't make this style physically.


French Braid (2)

If you want to make a proper French braid, then you will need to follow these steps:

Firstly, prepare your hair: comb it carefully. If you want your hair to be easy to style, then you should use a leave-in conditioner to give your hair soft and silky look. Second, choose the place on your back side of head, which will be a starting point of your weaving process. If you want to make a thick braid, then you have to choose place at the bottom of the head (a bit higher your ears), whilst if you want to make a complicated and long braid, then choose a place at the top of the head.

Carefully separate the large strand of hair in the shape of a letter V in the desired location, then tie your hair in a ponytail with a thin elastic rubber band. Then separate one of the hair strands into three different parts. Then start twisting the strands as if you are weaving a simple braid. After all these steps, make only one loose weave and take all the strands in the left hand, at the same time, using your right hand grab a small strand from the right side of the head and gently connect it with a mid braid strands and tight the weaves.

Take all the strands in the right hand, while using the left hand grab a small strand of hair from the left side and connect it with the left side where are the main strand braids. Now tight two left strands into the middle and tighten the weaves. After a few tangles the rubber band that fixed the tail can be carefully removed. Now, weave the braid till the end of your hair and secure it with a rubber band or any other accessory that will tightly secure your hair. To fix your braid you can use gel or a hairspray. This elegant hairstyle will suit romantic girls, who admire feminine style.

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  1. The french braided up do with the curly hair is so pretty! I have never been much good at doing hair, but lately my daughter has been begging me to braid her hair like her friend’s. I’ll have to try to figure it out, so thanks for explaining how french braiding works! Maybe I can even get good enough to do my own hair if I ever have the time!

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