Wooden nesting blocks from Little Goldie

Wondering how to entertain your little child? These wonderful wooden nesting blocks from Little Goldie will inspire hours of imaginative play to keep little ones entertained. We see bright wooden nesting blocks, what are great for displaying, stacking and for inspiring imaginative play. As a great plus- they will ideally suit your guest room interior design. These hand-carved blocks look iconic and versatile. Each one of these creations is made using European solid alder wood and finished with non-toxic water-based paint and natural oils. All of these cute sets are suitable for babes aged 1+.

elements nesting blocks flames

The sets consist of curved shaped blocks that fit inside of each other, creating endless fun for little ones to sort, stack and build their heart's content. Here are shown different playful designs which represent the elements: waves (water); flames (fire); rainbow (air). I am pretty sure you wouldn't be able to find anything as cute as these treasures.

elements nesting blocks rainbow

elements nesting blocks waves

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