What Is Wallpics and How It Helps You to Fix Your Walls

Nowadays one can find myriad options of wall decors, such as mirrors, wall stickers, bookshelf and most of these promises to be the best. However, in reality, this is not true. Most of these are priced quite high and do not give you the look that you expect it to give. Furthermore, the chances of getting your walls damaged by these wall decors are quite high. Keeping this in mind an innovative and new type of wall décor has been introduced and this is known as Wallpics. It is something which can make your home look beautiful without creating any problem for you. Drive through the write-up and learn more about Wallpics and how it can fix your walls.

What is Wallpics?

Having a picture of yours hanging on your room is quite a common thing, but Wallpics have given a new twist to this simple thing, thereby making it one of the best wall décor options. Wallpics has customized and simplified this whole process of placing your photographs on the walls in an intelligent manner that can challenge even stylish Wall stickers, as it has something to tell about you. The uniqueness of Wallpics lies in the umpteen features that make it picture perfect. Here some of its major features have been discussed:

Tailor-made pictures

Everyone’s home size varies. Some have mansions while some have a small flat, but this doesn’t take the essence of its being a home. Your abode whether humble or palatial is special to you and decorating is something which you must do enthusiastically. That is why Wallpics offer you an opportunity to make your photographs customized. This way when you place it in your room it looks impeccable. It suits the size of your rooms and complements with the wall paints and other home decors.

Simple to place on the walls

One of the most challenging parts after buying a wall décor is to place it. There are many wall stickers that look good online but when you place it in your home it doesn’t turn the way it should because you do not put it properly. That is why you are advised to opt for things that are simple to put on your walls and doesn’t require any extra effort such as drilling the wall and placing screw or nails. Wallpics is one such wall decorating item which is easy to stick and place on the walls without using any frame or any other thing.

Can be moved from one room to the other

Wallpics is one such wall décor which can be reused. This is something which you cannot find in most of the wall decorative items. However, with Wallpics Mixtiles the story is different. It is easy to stick and easy to peel off which means you can move it from one place to the other. This way it becomes available for reuse. Whenever you feel like changing the setting of the room then you just need to take off Wallpics from one wall and put it on the other.


If you are someone who is concerned about your walls getting damaged from wall decorative then you must opt for Wallpics. Being damage-free wall décor, it leaves neither mark nor needs any nail or screw to hang on the walls of your home. This is something which makes Wallpicsone of the best options for you. You do not have to worry about your walls when you place Wallpics on it. The major reason behind this lies in the fact that these customized pictures of yours are designed with the help of special sticky double-sided adhesives, which makes it competent to be repeatedly reused by the customers.

Recreate your memorable moments

When you opt for Wallpics you get a chance to relive your special moments. You can select the photos of your childhood or any other picture that tells makes you relive your memorable moments and get it customized. This way whenever you feel depressed or find a void in your heart these photos will turn your mood on. You will be reminded of how you had some beautiful times, thereby inspiring you to move forward in your life to create more such memories.

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Price is one thing which matters to everyone. You always want to buy a wall décor which is cost-effective. This way you do not feel betrayed. Wallpics is not very costly and the cost of it very competitive. The features of Wallpics, such as the quality to be reused, damage-free, customized, etc. are so intriguing and the price in comparison to that is not really high. This makes it value for money and that is why you are advised to choose it. You only need to spend $35 for a set of three photos and if you want to add more photos then you will have to pay $9 for each snap.

Easy to place the order

The process of placing the order of Wallpics is also very simple and easy. You do not have to waste much time on it. You just need to download Wallpics App from the Apple store. This mobile app is also available for Android users apart from iOS users. After selecting the photos, you need to upload it to the app and then place the order. You will be able to receive Wallpics within 5 to 6 days. The shipping cost is free for the US.

Visit www.wallpics.com/

iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/app/wallpics/id1294085580
Google Play: google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wallpics
Instagram: instagram.com/my_wallpics/
Facebook: facebook.com/wallpicsapp/


Whether you have a big house or not, it doesn’t matter but what is important is to care for this home and make it look delightful. You can do this by choosing Wallpics. These customized picture tiles when stick on your walls makes your home look amazing. Therefore, do not waste your time in making a decision. Just download wallpics app and place the order. You will never regret this and will surely enjoy decorating your home with Wallpics. It will make your home adorable and you will be receiving compliments from all corners for this.

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