The Twist Table and Tiger Chairs from Denmark

Please welcome new Twist Table and Tiger Chairs from Denmark. Company Wharfside delivers beautiful and high-quality dining furniture, where table comes in six different lengths and three different types of solid wood.

The Twist Table and Tiger Chairs in Natural Wood

The Danish dining table has a wonderful sculptural quality with rounded corners, where the edges appear to twist throughout its form. It is available as a very long table as well as in short and medium lengths. Speaking of chairs, then you can choose either the one what features wooden slats forming a flexible back and seat rest what contours your body shape, either the one what comes with leather seat.

The Twist Table and Tiger Chairs

The Twist Table from £3280 and Tiger Chairs from £760 (2)

The Twist Table from £3280

The Twist Table

Twist Table with black Tiger Chairs

Twist Table with Tiger Chairs

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