Have Yourself Trussardi Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola marks its 100th anniversary of bottle design with a new collaboration with Trussardi. Trussardi a symbol of Italian perfection, elegance and innovation has united with Coca-Cola to make a limited design edition of legendary cans and bottles. That's a truly beautiful limited edition collection of aluminum cans and glass bottles featuring stylish and signature aesthetics of the luxury Italian fashion house.

Trussardi and Coca-Cola  (1)

The cans comes with three beautiful designs featuring striking splash of colors, eye-catching motif of signature greyhound running dog head motif and dazzling gold backdrop that resembles the detailed texture of lizard leather. The glass bottles come in original brown, gold and red hues.

Trussardi and Coca-Cola  (2)

Trussardi and Coca-Cola  (3)

Trussardi and Coca-Cola  (4)

Trussardi and Coca-Cola  (5)

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