Cutlery & Cards For Various Ocasions From The Cutlery Commission

In today's post I want to share with you this awesome collection of cutlery and cards from The Cutlery Commission. The brand is based in beautiful Cotswolds. It's a widely known company which personalizes all cutlery including cake knives and spoons. Every letter is carefully hand stamped. I am totally in love with cutlery's charming vintage-inspired look, so that each piece is unique and truly one-of-a-kind. I am honored to share with you Cutlery Commission's new collection of special gifts and keepsakes. Each item is a truly unique creation ideal for very special days. You are going to see a gorgeous Cutlery Cards selection for various occasions. All come with personalized silver plated cutlery attached.

Anniversary Cutlery Card_£

Anniversary cutlery card looks sweet and charming.

Birthday Cutlery Card_£ 2

Christening Cutlery Card_£17.50_thecutlerycommission 2

Congratulations Cutlery Card_£

Personalised Fork Congratulations Cutlery Card.

Cutlery Cards

'Diet starts tomorrow' Personalised Teaspoon_£

When Diet starts tomorrow... :) In love with this fun looking item.

'For butter, for worse' Personalised Butter Knife_£ 1

For Her Cutlery Card_£ 2

For Him Cutlery Card_£ 2

Get Well Cutlery Card_£ 1

'Hot tea for my Hotty' Personalised Teaspoon_£ 1

'I cook with wine' Personalised Teaspoon_£

I Love You Cutlery Card_£ 1

'Memories not Calories' Personalised Cake Slice_£ 2

New Baby Cutlery Card_£ 2

New Home Keyring Card_£ 1

Personalised New Home Keyring Card.

'Romance is the icing' Personalised Cake Slice_£

Haha...Romance is the icing but love is the cake. Personalized cake slice.

Thank You Cutlery Card_£ 1

Valentine's Personalised Hot Chocolate Spoon_£

Wedding Cutlery Card_£ 1

Lovely Just Married wedding cutlery card.

Every piece is unique. If you are thinking of a cool, fun gift to your friend, boyfriend, husband, wife, then you better take a closer look at these awesome gift ideas.

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