Contemporary Furniture Collection by Jason Mizrahi

Today, I want to share with you NYC-based furniture designer, Jason Mizrahi contemporary furniture collection. Mizrahi's design philosophy is to expand and reveal the hidden potential of design elements. It's a personal expression that strives to achieve the perfect balance between form and function. In this post we see three beautiful creations named Volare, Alko and Belcanto.

A Volare Front Black Background

I love the way Jason explores various techniques by pushing the limits of materials to unexpected shapes and revealing the beauty of their expression. You are going to be amazed by the beauty of Mizrahi's designs, what is a combination of furniture and sculptural art. Personally, I think he has found that amazing harmony between art and furniture. All these designs are expressions of a range of interdisciplinary skills; art, architecture and music. Upcoming show where the designs will be showcased is Maison et Objets Miami, May 12-15.

A Volare Front White Background

A Volare sceno

A VOLARE. It's a singular piece that embraces the beauty of movement. I love the way this piece creates a performance of movement.

A Volare Side Black Background

A Volare Side White Background

Air Chair

Alko Front Angle Flattened

ALKO. This chair explores similar relationships between square and rectangular shapes.

Alko Series Front

Alko Series

Belanto Front Angle

BELCANTO. Wooden material chair expresses fluidity and dynamism.

Belcanto Back Angle

Belcanto sceno 1

Belcanto Side

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