Best Places To Visit This Year

Where should you plan a trip this year? Get inspired by this travel wish list. We've got you covered with the world's top travel places you definitely should find time to visit. From colorful beach towns to European countries with amazing landscapes.

Toronto, Canada

Best Places To Visit This Year 2019


This year, National Geographic named Toronto, Canada one of the best cities to visit. This destination will inspire, and change people's mind. If this is your first time in the city, be prepared to find great restaurants, bars with clean and safe downtown. You can have a stay here on your vacation. Be sure to stay for more than two days in this city! Trust me, you gonna find lots of great places to visit.

San Francisco, US

Best Places To Visit This Year 2019

The City by the Bay offers a unique experience for everyone. Forget about Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, there are other great places to visit in San Francisco, like Ocean Beach, Golden Gate Park, Muir Woods National Monument, etc.

Matera, Italy

Best Places To Visit This Year 2019

If you never been to this Southern Italy city, then you better go there this year. It's well known for its cave dwellings. These caves were uninhabitable and unsanitary for some decades, but over the last several years entrepreneurs have started restoring them. You have an opportunity to stay in one of these cave-hotels, like Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita.

Agra, India

Best Places To Visit This Year 2019

This year the majestic Taj Mahal will be finally restored. That's why, if you want to see it in all its glory, plan a visit between November and March, before monsoon season.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Best Places To Visit This Year 2019

Georgia is a place you should absolutely visit if given the chance. Forbes called Tbilisi as the most exciting city due in part to the stylish new hotels. I personally love it for the nature that surrounds it.

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