Retro, Military and Biker Styles Are Back in Elle Japan

I'd like to share with you an awesome editorial which can be seen in the latest Elle Japan December 2014 issue. Fashion model Helene Desmettre is captured by photographer Tak Sugita in the streets of a big city. Helene looks sophisticated and glamorous wearing the timeless trends, including military, biker and retro inspired clothes. Each of the presented outfits represents an distinct trend, which is ideal for the following Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 season wear. I personally adore each of these looks, as they appear to be ideal styles for wearing in the streets, work and many other events. Hope you will like the following outfits the same as me:

Helene Desmettre By Tak Sugita For Elle Japan December 2014 (1)

Here we see a retro inspired fit-and-flare coat in black color with a fur collar and statement buttons. I personally love the tartan gloves.

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Modern Timeless Trends in Spur Magazine

I think it's the right time to remind ourselves about timeless trends which are modernized and offered by various designers this year. In the latest Spur Magazine December 2014 issue we see fashion model Abby Williamson shot by photographer Jiro Konami in masculine, hippie, preppy office, grunge-inspired looks. These four styles are already timeless trends, which are mixed up together and offered by many designers. It's interesting to see how brands are reinventing already known fashion garments. I think it's obvious to say, that we live in a century, where old trends are mixed up one with another, emerging new updates.

Abby Williamson By Jiro Konami For Spur December 2014 (1)

Here we see a wool, grey coat worn atop white blouse. That's a stunning, mannish look, which is ideal for those ladies who work in big companies or at the banks.

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Great, Retro Inspired Outerwear 2014-2015 in Numéro Russia

In the latest Numéro Russia November 2014 issue we see an awesome editorial, which features women's great, retro inspired outerwear designs. The blond fashion model Jessica Stam with a stylish updo hairstyle appears in the streets of big city. Photographer Alan Gelati captured her wearing outstanding looks. I personally love the following cozy and exaggerated designs, which are best cover-ups for the cold seasons. You are about to find many offerings in bright and darken colors, which are ideal for various occasions, starting from work to cocktails parties and formal events, like theaters and operas attendance. Which one of these creations is your favorite, please comment:

Numéro Russia November 2014 (1)

The tweed, oversized cover-up looks great styled with dark red separates. This outfit looks quite retro sophisticated to me.

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Layered Retro Tomboy Looks 2014-2015 in Harper’s Bazaar China

There's always some overlap between the two style philosophies: Tomboy and Feminine looks. In today's post I want to draw your attention to layered retro Tomboy looks 2014-2015 which can be seen in the latest Harper's Bazaar China November issue. The editorial's name is Winter Daze. We see stunning, naturally messy pixie cut blond fashion model Erika Linder who poses in studio and street style images wearing awesome, unstructured silhouettes. Photographer Nagi Sakai manages to capture Erika in "masculine" layers. I think this mannish fashion separates look natural on her, nevertheless, Erika doesn't lose hold of her feminine side, despite the loose fits.

Erika Linder By Nagi Sakai For Harper's Bazaar China November 2014 (1)

The fur coat covers tailored stand-up collar front zip jacket and silk white blouse tucked in jeans.

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Parisian Vibe: Retro Sports and Furs 2014-2015 in L’officiel Paris

This time I want you to take a look at the following Parisian vibe looks which can be found in the latest L'officiel Paris November issue. We see models Alla Kostromichova and Soekie Gravenhorst who are shoot by Spela Kasal. Both girls appear in retro inspired sports separates which are covered by fur cover-ups. Stylist Audrey Taillée managed to combine sports silhouettes with retro style, by offering comfortable and elegant separates. The shape and color choice is classic, yet there are eye-catching modern touches, which make every look special and fresh. Another thing, which can be noticed is the Tomboy touch. All in all, I personally love the following mixes of styles, which are great for everyday wear.

Alla Kostromichova & Soekie Gravenhorst By Spela Kasal For L'officiel Paris November 2014 (2)

The front zip-up closure bomber like pullover is teamed with belted, A-line, short skirt in leather fabric and eye-catching booties.

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Menswear Inspired Office Wear 2014-2015 in Vogue Japan

Keep it tough, cool and sophisticated by wearing menswear inspired office apparel. In today's post I want to draw your attention to this awesome, preppy editorial, which can be found in the latest Vogue Japan December 2014 issue. We see fashion model Katlin Aas posing in stunning mannish suits, oversized tailored, hooded coats, great, plaid skirtsuits holding parallelepiped shaped bags. Photographer Andreas Sjodin managed to capture that special preppy look of the model. All the presented styles are ideal for those women who love menswear-inspired fashion. From crew neck sweaters to loose-fitting blazers. The boys trend appears to be one of the strongest ones so far. We see many chics in the streets wearing tomboy style separates and strong details which are ideal for versatile occasions.

Katlin Aas by Andreas Sjodin for Vogue Japan December 2014 (1)

The navy pantsuit looks awesome styled with dark blue silken top and shirt. I felt in love with the following aviator-style metal frame optical glasses.

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Puffer Jackets Combined With Tailored Looks 2014-2015 in Elle Russia

The rules of volume can be seen in the latest editorial from Elle Russia November issue. Fashion model Denisa Dvorakova is shot by Lee Broomfield. We see her sporting layered, statement voluminous clothing sets. As you can see, the fall-winter 2014-2015 season is full of experiments. This year's trend is the combination of down, puffer jackets with minimalistic suit tailored looks. This kind of mix won't give you an extra volume, contrary, it will underline your femininity and modern elegance. The following images feature amazing looks, which include sporty jackets combined with tailored wool coats and suits. So, what are you waiting for, let's have a detailed inspo:

Denisa Dvorakova By Lee Broomfield For Elle Russia November 2014 (1)

The rich blue coat, stone embellished gloves are from Dolce and Gabbana, jacket is from Hermes, the gilet is by Timberland and blouse is from Brunello Cucinelli.

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Tribal, Gypsy, Nomad Style 2014-2015 in Elle Sweden

Please welcome tribal, gypsy and nomad style looks 2014-2015 which can be spotted in the latest Elle Sweden November issue. Fashion model Stina Olsson looks sophisticated wearing loose fit and layered looks with loose-fit knits, fur details and denims. Eric Josjo managed to capture that special nature touch which goes hand in hand with fashion. The open door setting allows us to see the harmony of nature and clothing. We see muted and pastel colors, which ideally match the layered pieces. Stina doesn't only looks good, she looks elegant in an effortless way. The following editorial is all about free-spirited layering, that's why it looks simple yet beautiful.

Stina Olsson By Eric Josjo For Elle Sweden November 2014 (1)

The model looks awesome with a butterfly eye make-up and braided locks. She dons a fur collar coat, which looks heavy, but extremely fashionable.

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Retro Clothing Fall-Winter 2014-2015 in Elle Poland

Hey, retro fashion makes a comeback. The latest Elle Poland November issue features a "Retro mania" editorial, where fashion model Marta Dyks is wearing sweet fall-winter looks captured by Paul Farrell. We see here the influence of the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's, which appear in eye-catching clothes and accessories. Each look combines of color blocking details, pretty colors, vintage accessories and funky pieces. I like seeing those retro touches which are modernized to fit the current street and lifestyle fashion and trends. Anyway, let's have a detailed view at these awesome looks and I will make a review of each Marta Dyks image.

Marta Dyks By Paul Farrell For Elle Poland November 2014 (1)

Here we see Martha looking vintage by wearing this plastic see through head scarf teamed with a wool slim-fit dress, which appears to be ideal for wearing at the office.

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Nomad Looks 2014-2015 in Vogue Spain

If you love spanning the wilderness of North America and Scandinavia, then I highly recommend you to look through this editorial, which can be found in Vogue Spain November 2014 issue. Nomad look is adventurous style which comes with great ethnic patterns, including Navajo, Fair Isle. I personally love the functional winter layering of this style, which takes its wearer into a great outdoors journey. The following photoshoot features fashion model Bette Franke who is shot by Tob Knott in a studio. Bette looks sophisticated sporting fur layers and vests, knitted dresses, fur trapper hats, cozy knitted tights and knitted turtlenecks. So, if you want to get inspired by modern tribeswomen looks, then I advice you to take a closer view at the following free-for-all patterned looks:

Bette Franke de Viva

That's a stunning look, which includes a furry hat and a cape, shearling lined jacket and tribal accessories.

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