A Touch of Wood: Me Wearing Jord Watches

Jord Wood Watches (1)

Hey there everyone! I hope you are enjoying this summer week so far! I am excited to share with you my recent purchase made of wood. I am talking about JORD watches. I am wearing Dover automatic series in zebrawood & cream color. They look awesome and luxurious! I tell you honestly, it was definitely not an easy choice to make, for there are so many wonderful styles to choose from (my other favorites are Delmar and 746).

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If Famously Bald Celebrities Had A Full Head Of Hair

What if famously bald male celebrities had a full head of hair? I like that idea and you? I guess we can imagine it. Something tells me, these hairstyles look quite 1970's and 1990's inspired, but we'll never know how would they look if they had hair on their heads. Of course, some of the styles don't look quite flattering, but it's a nice try though. Well, I must admit, those men who naturally lose their hair have beautifully shaped heads what really suits them.

Bald Men Celebrities With Hair (1)

Bruce Willis looks like Clooney to me. But the hair fits him just right.

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Zoolander 2 At Valentino Fall 2015 Show During Paris Fashion Week

The real special moment of Valentino women's Autumn-Winter 2015-2016 show was the appearance of Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson — aka Derek Zoolander and Hansel. They owned the runway in a mix of sophisticated custom suiting. Why did they hit back the catwalk? It's known that there will be Zoolander 2 which is in progress now (coming out February 12th, 2016). It looks like actors are doing what's necessary to get back in character. The duo walked down the runway looking good and sophisticated.

Zoolander 2 At Valentino Show During Paris Fashion Week (1)
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Thank You Indigo People For Your X’mas Gift

Yesterday I got a very special gift from Indigo People. I've got TSURU model scarf that is long and wide enough for wrapping yourself in winter as well as in the summer time. So, I did some shots at the office today, of course the images aren't in high quality, though you can see the beauty of this great accessory. Both ends of this item are embellished with botanical red stripes. You can wrap it around your neck or head having an extra warmth. Thanks to the rich blue color you can pair it with any outfit, starting from casual, printed or brightly colored tees to semi-formal or smart-casual separates. The both ends of the scarf are embellished with botanical red stripes. Once again, Thanks so Much Indigo People! Keep in Touch next 2015! ;)

Indigo People Scarf
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Interview with Emergency Tiara For The Best Fashion Blog

Recently I had chance to speak with Emergency Tiara who is a NYC-based retro-pop artist with great voice and music style. I like her unique talent, which allows her to make such trendy songs. She recently released her debut EP Until The Stroke of Midnight (which can be found @ soundcloud). In addition, Emergency Tiara is a real fashionista, who has her own unique style, which can be found on her personal blog: The Emergency Tiara Diaries. Anyway, let's have a look at my interview with this great person.

Interview with Emergency Tiara For The Best Fashion Blog (1)

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Interview with fashion designer Katty Xiomara

If you want something modern, cute, sweet and elegant, then be sure to check Katty Xiomara collections, which are idyllic and romantic with a great sense of modern touch. What I love about her creations then it's the fluidity and the rigidity which make her silhouettes so delicate and sensual. I had chance to speak with designer and today I want to share with you my interview with Katty Xiomara. Be ready to check out her Spring 2015 collection which will be shown at Nolcha Fashion Week this September.

Picture 055
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Interview with fashion designer Mariana Valentina

I had chance to make an interview with fashion designer Mariana Valentina, who makes every woman feel like a goddess from an ancient civilization. She is very individual person, who has her own fashion vision, which is ideal for self-confident women. She has that special sensual and romantic feel, which makes her creations look so special. This September she is going to show her new Spring 2015 collection during Nolcha Fashion Week. Anyway, let's see my interview with Valentina.

Interview with fashion designer Mariana Valentina (1)

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