Cerruti Fall-Winter 2014-2015 Menswear Runway Review

Please welcome Cerruti latest Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 collection's runway show, which features ready to wear essentials that range from jackets, coats to other outerwear wardrobe essentials. Love the way jackets are worn over coats, my favorites are light cashmere coats, looks like uniform to me. You are about to see military touches, which are seen in greatcoats with fur hoods and collars, olive green styles and statement capes. Look the way Aldo Maria Camillo uses wool and leather. As you already noticed, the fabrics, construction and colors look great and terrific. Personally, for me Cerutti reflects real fashionable, glamorous and rational touches. It's a maker of beautiful clothes, that are worthy to wear. Anyway, let's have a review of this great collection.

Cerruti Fall-Winter 2014-2015 Menswear Runway Review (1)

Love these goggles styled with tailored blazer, classic relaxed pants, black buttoned cardigan and striped shirt.

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Wooyoungmi Fall-Winter 2014-2015 Menswear

During Paris Fashion Week Wooyoungmi presented men's Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 collection of cool and relaxed everyday gents basics. You are about to see relaxed clothing, including pinstripe suits, as well as confident menswear essentials, graphic patterns, white shirts and tailored must haves. Love the way shorts are worn over trousers. Label's designer Woo Youngmi made collection of perfect men's wardrobe styles, using scuba materials, that gave her outerwear and jackets soft look. All in all, it's time to review the show, hope you will like it the same as me.

Wooyoungmi Fall-Winter 2014-2015 Men's Fashion Review (1)

Here we see male model wearing sleek tailored coat styled with pleated pants.

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Ben Sherman Fall-Winter 2014-2015

If you are all about 1960's mood, then this post is meant for you, dear friend. Today I want to share with you Ben Sherman's Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 collection of amazing women's and men's clothing ideas that will for sure make you look cool, confident and sophisticated. How about swinging London? Make sure you are wearing all that sixties flair looks so that you can easily rock the show. The model Millie Loggie is joined by Jed Texas and Cesar Caiser on location in London. They are wearing amazing bold stripes, shift dresses and plaid patterns for the outdoor shoot.

Ben Sherman Fall 2014 (1)

From the left:

On him: a crew neck sweater, bow tie, fitted jeans and classic boots
On her: 1960's style shift dress, long socks and cool leather booties
On him: velvet dress jacket, pale blue shirt and tie, camel pants and black classic shoes

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Bluemint: 2014 T-Shirts For Men

We all loving going to the beach, spending lazy and casual days with our friends, that's why I'd like to share with all of you this cool and everyday collection of men's T-shirts that are ideal for casual days wear. The sun is shining, music is playing and you have a free day, or you took a day off to meet your old buddies. Before planning the evenings you can relax with your friends at the beach, drinking soft drinks and looking up in the sky and dreaming about your happy life. Anyway, I already started dreaming of my vacation, hold on, here is a cool collection of men's Edward line casual tees that come in basic colors are are so must have for your go-to. The crew necks are perfect for pairing with your beloved jeans, shorts for an effortless look. All in all, enjoy your summer 2014!

Bluemint 2014 T-shirts For Men (1)
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Bluemint: Men’s Shorts 2014

Here are presented amazing swim shorts that will for sure be your number one during this summer 2014 season. All the presented designs come from Bluemint label. The line is entitled Danny and it looks like we have various color options, including fiery red, tropical green, purple, ink blue, dazzling blue and of course men's favorite classics- black. So, if the temperature rises, then it means you have to go for a swim. Kepp your style simple, colors sharp and body fit by wearing one of these Danny shorts. I personally love the timeless slim fit and clean tailoring which makes your moves comfort and ideal for swim. Wear them for a poolside lounging or an afternoon for tennis. All the presented models are made of lightweight, quick dry and water resistant poly fabric.

Bluemint Men's Shorts 2014 (1)
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Bluemint: Beach Shorts For Men

How about nice shorts for the beachwear? I really hope that this collection will fit your taste, as I am going to share with you Bluemint amazing styles that come in different bright, neon colors and summery prints. The Arthur line of summer shorts comes in gorgeous rugged and classic variations. If you want to look confident and coiffed, then let me show you the best pieces that will for sure make you standout the crowd. All the presented swim shorts are perfect for lazy sunny days, when you are at the beach, doing nothing, just having fun. All the presented trunks come in tailored fit and feature elasticized waistband, as well as front and back pockets (which is very important for me, as I like carrying money and mobile while walking down the beach side).

Bluemint Beach Shorts For Men (1)

Leaf pink print

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Shoreditch Fall-Winter 2014-2015 Campaign

Today I'd like to share with you this elegant and formal collection of men's pantsuits made by Shoreditch. The brand enlists soccer star Tim Cahill to front their Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 collection's campaign. The shoot was inspired by Australian athlete’s journey to his third and final Soccer World Cup. We see him posing in various formal and evening designs that are perfect for banks, office and dates wear.

Shoreditch Fall-Winter 2014-2015 Campaign (1)

Navy silky pleated suit worn with dark blue shirt and metallic hue tie.

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Bluemint: Tailored Shorts For Men

Here is another post about Bluemint label and this time I want to share with you its tailored collection of men's tailored shorts (Gordon line). The shorts come in bright colors, featuring the ones that come in white, green, orange, blue, yellow, red and purple, varying in different shades. This pair of bottoms will for sure be a great team for classic shirts, like the ones that we have already reviewed (here is the link).

Bluemint Tailored Shorts For Men (1)

If you are willing to look statement, timeless and bright, then I definitely recommend you to look for one of these super soft and essential laidback must-haves, that will be a great choice for your weekend wardrobe look.

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Bluemint: Towels

No matter if you are on your way at the beach, or bathroom, Bluemint has some basic accessory that for sure will be helpful for all of you, no matter if you are boy or a girl. Sounds interesting? Well, here you go, my dear reader: towels (Hector line). Why these towels are so perfect, that I made my mind to share them with you, it's obvious: first of all they are 100% Cotton, they come in generous size (180 cm by 70 cm) and each of them has a creative pique weave with jacquard artwork.

Bluemint Towels (1)

No matter what, but you will need this towel. This bright beach accessory provides a perfect finishing touch to your summer style. Just imagine yourself riding waves in wikiki and after going out of the water you are wiping your body with this towel, I guess all the girls will be watching you, as each design has an amazing color varying from blue, red, yellow to orange and green.

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Bluemint: Men’s Formal Shirts 2014

Please welcome men's fashion clothing brand Bluemint, which wanted to share with me and you, my dear readers, this summery collection of every-days shirts for men. You are about to see Martin line, which consists of long sleeve linen buttoned designs that are ideal for warm sunny weather. The color variations are the following: blue, brown, green, red, white, yellow, easy as one, two, three, right? While the color shades look amazing and I meant it! My personal favorite color is green blue and sky blue, love it! Anyway, these shirts are meant for making a stylish statement, just imagine, your girl wants to go at the beach and afterwards you will go somewhere to eat or at some kind concert, can happen, right?

Bluemint Men's Formal Shirts 2014 (1)

So, what you need is a nice clothing combination that would fit any place, any time. Bluemint has really interesting options for all of you, as you can see this dress shirt has a classic look with a simple design that will for sure make you look modern and strong.

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