Men’s Urban Must-Haves In Civil Regime Clothing 2015 Holiday

Dare To Be Different! I've got great news for all of you guys! I am happy to share with you Civil Regime Clothing latest 2015 Holiday collection entitled THE FIGHT WORTH FIGHTING that consists of men's essentials. It comes with a fine balance between the rebel, the athlete and the fighter through well-known styles that are rich in detail.

Civil Regime Clothing 2015 Holiday (1)

Male model appears in a black bomber styled with khaki olive sweatshirt worn atop elongated white top teamed with black jeans and black boots.

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Saudade Atelier The Fourth One Collection

Barcelona, Spain based Saudade Atelier emerging fashion brand reveals its new collection “The Fourth One.” It comes with timeless style that characterizes this label. The overall look is mannish, unique and combines classical shapes with modern touches. The color palette comes with marsala shades featuring different earthy tones and baby blue shades.

Saudade Atelier The Fourth One Collection (1)

Long haired preppy guy appears in a cream white jacket worn atop matching anorak top teamed with cream beige trousers.

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Must Try Preppy Tailored Looks For 2016 in Winq magazine

Dutch (#71) and British (#11) edition of Winq magazine revealed a preppy, tailored editorial featuring male models Davey, Jeffrey and Michael from Elite Model Management Amsterdam. You are about to see sophisticated separates, business meeting and work appropriate suits from the likes of Boss, REISS, Calvin Klein Platinum, Ted Baker, Hackett London, Mauro Grifoni, Tommy Hilfiger and others.

Must Try Tailored Looks For 2016 in Winq magazine (1)

Dark blue tailored coat will ideally compliment your favorite grey-charcoal turtleneck sweater.

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Maurice Lacroix 40th Anniversary Celebration

Let's have a celebration for Maurice Lacroix’s 40th anniversary. Saignelégier, Swiss Jura based Maurice Lacroix brand presents its provocative, playful and eclectic designs with high quality, reliability and unique authenticity. If you are in search of that very special piece, then let me share with you four bold mechanical and creative watches from Maurice Lacroix. You are about to see innovative designs that respect traditions of Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship and «passion for progress».

Maurice Lacroix's 40th Anniversary Celebration (1)

Iconic. Masterpiece Square. The «Square Wheel», which garnered numerous distinctions, is no doubt the jewel in the crown. To some extent it perfectly symbolizes Maurice Lacroix, an icon of modern watchmaking.

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DJ Oneman Features In Dready Lookbook

Hey, everyone! This time I want to introduce to you iconic 1990's brand Dready and its new lookbook featuring stalwart South London DJ Oneman. This is a welcome return that is full of awesome printed T-shirts. This collection is the second drop of limited edition t-shirts which showcase rare and previously unseen works of art by Robert Sidlauskas. Why are these tees so exclusive? Every design has been picked because of it’s unique story and powerful message - straight from the pen of Sidlauskas.

DJ Oneman Features In New Lookbook From 90s Clothing Brand Dready (1)

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Functional & Modern Looking Rucksacks By Haenska

The identity of HÄNSKA comes from its creators hearts. Berlin-based studio Haenska presents rucksacks handmade by talented craftsmen/women. If you are one of those ladies and boys who wears backpacks everywhere he/she goes, then this is a perfect design to fit your everyday life. I am so in love with this original looking CATAMARAN Rucksack that is simple, subtle and versatile. This bag has undergone many changes and improvements.

Haenska functional bags (1)

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Contemporary Menswear Urban Basics In AMXANDER 5th Collection: “GEARS”

This time I want to introduce to you Melbourne, Australia based contemporary menswear label's AMXANDER 5th Collection entitled “GEARS.” Defying classic sartorial styles in the spirit of change, “GEARS”, AMXANDER’s 5th Collection, veers it’s way to the forefront of a menswear revolution. GEARS” boldly joins the fray with looks inspired by similar rebellious shifts in menswear of the sixties’, the counterculture era otherwise known as the ’Peacock Revolution’.

AMXANDER 5th Collection GEARS (1)

Hooded denim coat looks ideal styled with urban top and athletic black trousers teamed with white lace-up slip-ons.

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These Are Must-Have Sunglasses For 2016 From Neo-Ne

This time I want to draw your attention to this stunning and must-have sunglasses collection from Neo-Ne brand. Father & son spectacles label found by experienced craftsman S.H.Li and his son, designer Leo Li in 2013. Every single creation is a masterpiece. I am proud to share with you Neo-Ne's 2016 collection of various sunglasses designs that are not only trendy but timelessly elegant and ideal for wearing in summer and winter months.

Neo-Ne Sunglasses (1)

Swing Bat design. The form of these sunnies was developed from the shape of bat. The classic eyewear shape was modified with a touch of representationalism. I love the thick wings and sharp nose bridge that give it a tough look and a nice sense of touch. The name was actually inspired by Swing Jazz in 1980s.

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iFELT Men’s Jackets For Spring-Summer 2016

Italian brand iFELT presents its Spring 2016 collection of men's jackets. New summer season is full of qualitative and functional outerwear pieces. The label combines the highest imaginable levels of style, quality of materials and skills of Italian artisans. Every single jacket is like a piece of art, where every detail is thoroughly examined and created by hands of true professionals.

IFELT Men's Jackets For Spring-Summer 2016 (1)

We see a hooded cream-beige leather jacket looks ideal. I am so in love with its classic shape. You can wear it with anything you want, starting from jeans to chinos.

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Draped Street Wear Looks In Crepe Black Collar Winter 2015-2016 Collection

This time we are going to see urban style garments made by Crepe Black Collar. Their Fall 2015 collection named METROPOLice is made for him and her. The city and it's winter landscape are the characters that become an active part of your story.

The Crepe Black Collar (1)

In love with man's outfit. We see draped style bomber worn with cream-grey top, black leather trousers and lace-up slip-ons. Female model appears in a draped grey wool cardigan teamed with grey top styled with black leather wrap skirt, black leather trousers and platform peep-toe booties.

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