Metal-free Bedroom Furniture from Natural Hardwood by Team 7

This might be my dream bedroom furniture! I want you to have a look at this amazing metal-free bedroom furniture (solid wood beds, wardrobes and cabinets), what is made from natural hardwood by Team 7. Austria based design company and manufacturer of natural wood furniture Team 7 makes comfortable and functional home (kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom and kids room) furniture made of European deciduous trees. Every piece is custom-designed by qualified interior designers, so you have no worries, that all the presented products will meet your specifications.

Metal-free Bedroom Furniture from Natural Hardwood by Team 7 2019

Nox luxury beds are completely metal-free. I am so in love with its sophisticated carpentry look and contemporary design. This bed comes with leather or solid wood headboard. It for sure will match any bedroom.

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Island Road Villa Interior Design by BAMO

Please welcome a gorgeous Island Road Residence designed by BAMO company. This 4,800-square-foot residence features 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms + 2 powder rooms. The result is a sumptuous neoclassical and baroque home situated in a hilltop enclave, with an exclusive overlooking Hong Kong’s Deep Water Bay.

Island Road Villa Interior Design by BAMO 2019

The entry area comes with a small space made visually dynamic by bold use of black & white (the floor).

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Handmade crib mobiles from Little Goldie: Love Is In The Air

Up, Up, and Away! Send your little ones off into a sweet dreamy sleep with these delightful and cute handmade crib mobiles from Little Goldie. I am pretty sure your kids will drift off into a sweet dreamland with these adorable handmade cotton crib mobiles from Little Goldie. Every piece will gently float above your child. Choose one of these beautiful designs that include the delightful crochet sheep, hot air balloons and felt clouds.

Handmade crib mobiles from Little Goldie: Love Is In The Air 2019

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Home Furs By Dellera

The warm and timeless charm of Dellera. Let me introduce to you beautiful home furs by Italian brand Dellera. These gorgeous accessories will ideally accompany any interior design. We see tasty collection of blankets, pillows and covers. The prints include black and white zebra pattern, leopard spots and florals. All in all, it's a fabulous home collection with a timeless and high quality look.

Home Furs By Dellera 2019
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Wooden nesting blocks from Little Goldie

Wondering how to entertain your little child? These wonderful wooden nesting blocks from Little Goldie will inspire hours of imaginative play to keep little ones entertained. We see bright wooden nesting blocks, what are great for displaying, stacking and for inspiring imaginative play. As a great plus- they will ideally suit your guest room interior design. These hand-carved blocks look iconic and versatile. Each one of these creations is made using European solid alder wood and finished with non-toxic water-based paint and natural oils. All of these cute sets are suitable for babes aged 1+.

Wooden nesting blocks from Little Goldie 2019
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Home Accessories in Shades of Red & Pink

Are you looking for home accessories in shades of red and pink? If so, then I am here, darling, to help you out. In today's article we are going to take a look through a beautiful array of homeware and accessories from several design brands, including Luku Home, The Scandinavian Shop, Daisy Park, Stuff of Dreams, Skandihome and Place in Print. Each company shares its awesome creations in shades of pink and red colors, so you can choose something bright and sweet for the upcoming Fall and Winter seasons. You are going to find lovely products, from stylish rugs to luxury wallpapers what will add some seasonal style to your home interior.

Home Accessories in Shades of Red & Pink 2019

Boho Rug, Luku Home. Hand tufted 100% wool rug.

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Enchanting & Alluring Wall Art from

If you want to refresh your room's walls, then I really, REALLY recommend to take a look through these inspirations, enchanting and alluring wall art from Why? Are you kidding me? Just look at these precious wall art creations, simply breathtaking and awesome. is an online store dedicated to delivering the very best quality wall murals, wall graphics and canvases. The company uses state-of-the-art technology. You gonna fall in love with these beautiful wall designs. It's a perfect way how you can personalize your home.
Enchanting & Alluring Wall Art from 2019

A Time for Reflection by Nick Jackson. That's a beautiful backdrop for a calm living room or bedroom. Be sure your mind can rest after a hectic day looking at this beautiful artwork.

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Dassie Baskets & Storage

Dassie's range of eco-friendly, fairly-traded homeware and gifts is full of beautiful creations. Today I want you to have a look at brand's baskets and storages. Each product has been handmade by skilled artisans using various natural, recycled materials and age old techniques. The key items amongst the collection includes PVC and Apple Bag Baskets.

Dassie Baskets & Storage 2019

Waste Basket Set. The following woven round bin baskets are each individually hand-crafted in Africa. These items would make a lovely addition to any home.

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