Vallila Interior: Bold and playful Scandinavian Printed Fabrics

If you are looking for something that will refresh your interior design, then I am more than happy to share with you Finnish brand Vallila Interior contemporary printed fabrics, rugs and home accessories completed in bold and playful patterns. The showcased Scandinavian design is inspired by the Finnish landscape and way of life. It's one of the most recognizable trendsetters in Scandinavian design. Label's collections are well known for their bold, playful and eye-catching patterns.

Vallila Interior - Bold and playful Scandinavian design inspired by the Finnish landscape and way of life (1)

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Bold And Playful Designs In Minna Parikka x Vallila Collaboration

Leading Finnish brand Vallila Interior of contemporary printed fabrics, rugs and home accessories comes with a bold and playful Scandinavian look inspired by the Finnish landscape and way of life. Since the company was launched in 1935, Vallila Interior has been recognized as a trendsetter in Scandinavian design with its bold and playful collection. In today's post I want to introduce to you this brand's latest collaboration with Finnish shoewear designer Minna Parikka. They've created three new designs for a signature collection featuring fabrics, interior textiles, coffee mugs and other lifestyle accessories.

Minna Parikka with Vallila Collection (1)

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BAMO Hospitality Interiors Portfolio

This time I want to draw your attention to this magnificent portfolio from BAMO design firm. You are going to see impressive hospitality interiors that are great for inspiration and new ideas. Every place and interior is unique and special. I am pretty sure you will want to stay in one of these apartments. Anyway, let's have a detailed look:

BAMO Luxury Interior Designs & Fresh Decorating Ideas (1)

Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora bungalow bathroom.

This precious place called Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora comes with a turquoise lagoon protected by a fringe of white coral on one side and two soaring mountain peaks on the other. I love the way BAMO firm has designed this place by saving the cultural context and making it look fresh. We see simple shapes and quiet interior colors. Here are shown small utilitarian furniture, textile patterns and lots of wood.

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Mandarin Oriental San Francisco Hotel Interior Design by BAMO

Please welcome another work from BAMO firm. This time I want to show you Mandarin Oriental San Francisco hotel interior design, which is updated with classic style and airy feel. The 158-room Mandarin Oriental, San Francisco is located in the heart of the city. It features an amazing panoramic views of the city and the bay. This hotel is consistently ranked among world's top hotels. Thanks to BAMO renovation, we see a perfect result with a reorganized areas for a better use of space. Scope included the lobby, new restaurant and bar, feature stair, spa, meeting rooms, and 158 guestrooms and suites. The renovation took 18 short months. The result is a fresh and classic luxury hotel. I felt in love with contemporary elegance of rooms and neutral color palette (shades of silver and blue), reflecting Bay Area heritage.

Mandarin Oriental San Francisco Hotel Interior Design by BAMO (1)
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Santa Lucia Preserve Residence Interior Design by BAMO

Santa Lucia Preserve residence interior/exterior design is another great work made by BAMO firm. That's what I call silent luxury. The residence is located in just twenty minutes from Pebble Beach. The Preserve comes with amazing views, world-class golf and beautiful weather. In other words, it's a comfortable heaven with true American spirit feel. The surrounded landscape of ranch is full of advantages, starting from climate to luxurious views. Well, it's only the exterior, while the indoors comes with formal entertaining zones. The following residence with two wings includes six bedrooms and master suite, with a private master living room. We see complex layering of furnishings and proportioned contemporary interior rooms. Everywhere are used only natural materials and neutral palette with great pops of colors introduced through accessories. All in all, it's warm and comfortable family residence with dramatic landscape.

Santa Lucia Preserve Residence Interior Design by BAMO (1)

The exterior view to Santa Lucia Preserve. The green trees on a little hill make this area look kind of Safari-like.

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Wooden Toys Essentials by Little Goldie

Let me introduce to you Little Goldie traditional wooden gift sets collection. The following wooden toys are cool, handmade and ideal for little explorers. I am 100% sure, each one of these styles will be gorgeous gifts for little ones this Christmas. Each one of these pieces looks traditional and timeless. Little Goldie toys are made to be treasured and last the generations.

Little Goldie (1)
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Dassie Christmas Decorative Accessories For Home Decoration

Be ready for Christmas and buy yourself one of these decorative accessories for home! I've got some cute Christmas decorative accessories for your home decoration to share with you today. In this post you are going to find delightful star shaped hangers, what can be used as toys for decorating your Christmas tree or decorating your door.

Dassie Christmas Decorative Accessories For Home (1)

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Metal-free Bedroom Furniture from Natural Hardwood by Team 7

This might be my dream bedroom furniture! I want you to have a look at this amazing metal-free bedroom furniture (solid wood beds, wardrobes and cabinets), what is made from natural hardwood by Team 7. Austria based design company and manufacturer of natural wood furniture Team 7 makes comfortable and functional home (kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom and kids room) furniture made of European deciduous trees. Every piece is custom-designed by qualified interior designers, so you have no worries, that all the presented products will meet your specifications.

Metal-free Bedroom Furniture from Natural Hardwood by Team 7 (1)

Nox luxury beds are completely metal-free. I am so in love with its sophisticated carpentry look and contemporary design. This bed comes with leather or solid wood headboard. It for sure will match any bedroom.

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