Bun Updo Hairstyles & Smoky Eyes in Maral Spring-Summer Runway

I would like to bring to your attention this marvelous Spring-Summer runway show from a renowned label Maral. The collection was presented this year in Dubai, during Fashion Forward Event. We are going to observe models make-ups and hairstyles. Every female model who stepped out on the catwalk was wearing a bun updo with smoky eyes, contoured cheeks and pale peach lips. The following bun is quite a simple to do, and it has quite a versatile look. No matter where you are going to school, work, date, these buns are perfect, quick and simple to do. Models appear on the runway wearing black, smoky eye looks are ideal for fancy gala concerts, night clubs and cocktail parties. This kind of eye make-up is better for occasion reasons.

Bun Updo Hairstyles & Smoky Eyes in Maral Spring-Summer Runway 2018

The blond hair heart-shaped face model looks sweet wearing this retro style bun updo with black smoky eyes and pale peach lips.

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Creative Slicked Up Hair With Braids & Buns In Zareena Spring-Summer Runway

I'd like to present you Zareena spring-summer season's runway show which was presented at Fashion Fowrard Event at Dubai. The show featured models wearing creative slicked up hairstyles with braids and buns. Every single look is creative and extremely sophisticated. The style reminds me of a braided stand up ponytails. Every model appears on the catwalk in slightly bronzed and dewy skin with beautiful shades with no speck of shimmer. Most of models feature oval and long faces, where the eye make up comes with long eyeliners and natural, soft angled brows. The lips are colored in bronze hue, making each lady look extravagant and timelessly luxurious.

Creative Slicked Up Hair With Braids & Buns In Zareena Spring-Summer Runway 2018

Here we see a beautiful oval face shape model with soft angled eyebrows, long eyeliner, bronzed, dewy skin and bronzed lips.

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Beauty Looks in Harper’s Bazaar UK October

This time I want to share with you great beauty looks which are seen in the latest Harper's Bazaar UK October issue. The shoot features fashion model Anmarie Botha who appears in a sophisticated look with defined and highlighted make up, which features strong, shaded eyes and naturally blush pink lipstick. The following look includes a mascara-laden lashes, which make an elegant impact worn as a singular statement. Anyway, it's the right time to see all the trends which are offered by Harper Bazaar.

Beauty Looks in Harper's Bazaar UK October 2018

These are incredible neon flicks, which give bright colored eyes to the wearer. It's beautifully simple and statement making style.

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Hugo Boss Perfume “Success Beyond the Game”

Several world renowned football players took part in Hugo Boss perfume campaign named "Success Beyond the Game." You are about to see Joe Hart, Sergio Ramos, Claudio Marchisio, Mario Gomez and Olivier Giroud who appear wearing brand's suits and holding Hugo Boss bottled fragrance. This fragrance is a real masterpiece, as it's a real man's scent. Each athlete looks marvelous in these sleek three-piece suits.

Hugo Boss Perfume "Success Beyond the Game" 2018
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Anna Sui x Minnie Mouse Holiday Makeup Collection

Please welcome Anna Sui x Minnie Mouse Holiday make up collection. For this Christmas Anna Sui has collaborated with famous Disney star Minnie, so it might be the best present for the upcoming holidays. This Disney character played as the main inspiration for Anna Sui in her make up collection, which consists of a nice array of make up products. Here are presented Anna Sui x Minnie Mouse Makeup kits, beautiful Nail Colors, products to accentuate eyes, body balms, hand creams and lip balms. As you can see the line comes with chic and magnificent looks that will help you to stand out the crowd.

Anna Sui x Minnie Mouse Holiday Makeup Collection 2018

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Giorgio Armani Cosmetics Campaign

Here are fresh images of the latest Giorgio Armani Cosmetics campaign for this season. Fashion model Saskia de Brauw appears in beauty advertisement of this gorgeous label. Love each of her looks, just take a closer look at these berry red lips, dark eyeshadow which are so perfect for cold months. Dutch model knows how to work it out and makes outstanding poses. I think these beauty looks are perfect both for work and night out, so let's have some inspiration from the images below.

Giorgio Armani Cosmetics Campaign 2018
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Deep red lipstick hues for fall-winter

So it's Autumn outside and we have to think of warmer clothes and a bit different make up, which suits our clothes dark color palette. This season’s choice of make-up comes with a taste for drama, as many stylists offer us the dark lip hues. This Autumn-Winter season replaces the nude lip and goes for the red lipstick shades. Here below you will find the most trendy shades of lipsticks that are so must have at the moment. It's quite difficult to find an appropriate shade of red color for your use, but if you will take a closer look in these images I think you might find the right one. As you can see, this season ranges from bright reds and deep rose shades, to red wine, purple plum.

Deep red lipstick hues for fall-winter 2018
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Fall-Winter make up trends in Avon Brazil

Russian model Irina Shayk (27) is the face of Avon Brazil cosmetics brand for Autumn-Winter season. She appears in amazing cold season's make up trends like heavy smoky eyes with full lips in red, plum, orange colors. I personally love these purple, blue, gold, green color of eye shades as well as neutral and dark shades of nails. Enough talking, let's get some inspiration from the images below.

Fall-Winter make up trends in Avon Brazil 2018
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