Androgynous Fashion For Women 2019

This time I want you to discover must-have styles for women who want to try on androgynous chic wardrobe. In this post, I am about to cover Tomboy chic style, as well as such essentials, as boyfriend jeans, Oxford shoes, blazers, and my favorite fedora hats. Yes, gender differentiation is now being blurred and it's okay to be open-minded and wear what you want. You have the power to choose what trend to follow, that's why you are more than welcome to find out my favorite androgynous essentials you can easily try this year.

Tomboy chic

This is a perfect look for ladies who want to feel men's power. What is so special about Tomboy? It is an extremely comfortable style that can be mixed and matched with feminine pieces.

Boyfriend Jeans

This denim is ideal to mix with all your favorite tomboyish pieces. Try them on with long sleeve striped shirts, cozy sweaters, ankle boots, sneakers, stiletto heels, with silky blouses, fur vests or leather jackets. I personally wear mines with a cool graphic tee, cardigan, and white kicks.

Oxford Shoes

Flat Oxfords automatically add a boyish touch to your outfit. Why do we love them? They do look classic, dapper and powerful. You can try them on with lace skirts, lovely dresses, skinny jeans or tailored trousers.


This jacket is super fabulous! You can get it in so many varieties, from boxy styles to boyfriend shaped, cropped and classy. Indeed, I do love velvet smoking styles that look pretty cool with black pants, heels and sexy lace camisoles underneath. By the way, blazer adds a perfect dose of sophistication to its wearer, no matter what is under it. You can literally throw on a blazer over a plaid V-neck and still look awesome! I personally love wearing blazers over summer dresses.

Fedora Hats

Yes, this accessory automatically makes you look androgynous. We all familiar with fedoras and they do look masculine. If this is not your story, then you still can rock cabbie, newsboy, trapper or baseball hat to look mannish. I am in love with leather baseball caps, they do look sophisticated and casual.

Androgynous Fashion For Women 2019

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