Accessories Trends For Women 2019

Today's topic is dedicated to women's fashion accessories you can wear during 2019. It's time to stock up and see what's trending right now. When it comes to accessories, there are items we use in our everyday life and the ones which are made for showing off. In general, we tend to choose the ones that are practical, that's why I decided to talk about statement scarves, old western belts, best eyeglasses trends 2019, belt pouches, hoop earrings, as well as about baker boy hats. I am 100% sure, everyone will find here something inspiring and worth buying.

Statement Scarves

If you do want to make a statement, then you definitely need a statement scarf. Embrace the French girl aesthetic and get yourself a colorful scarf. Let it be a chunky knitted version or a sweet silken kerchief, it has to be unique, feminine and individual. You can use it in multiple ways, wear it around your neck, on your head, use it as bag straps, accessorize your purse, etc. I do recommend to buy the one with eye-catching color or pattern, but you are free to try a minimalist version that can go with absolutely anything.

Old Western Belts

Our next step is an old western belt. We use to wear belt everywhere with anything. In most times it serves as a functional item, but I recommend to update your look with a stylish and eye-catchy design. Risk it and try on Old West Americana belt. Buy the one which looks elegant and has a laid-back appearance in a neutral color palette.

Best Eyeglasses Trends

That's one of the major accessories that make you look fabulous! Eyeglasses are not only for making our eyes see better, but they also create a unique look. Of course, you are free to choose whatever frames you like, but I highly recommend to take a close up look at retro designs with thick rims, like wayfarers, Clubmaster eye-glasses, cat-eye glasses, aviator designs, tortoise-print styles, etc. In other words, it's time to express yourself!

Belt Pouches

Our next stop is belt pouches. It's functional, eye-catchy and super cool. What I love the most about it, the combo consists of two separates accessories: a belt and a pouch bag. Go for pastel color designs or keep things sophisticated with dark color styles, like the ones in burgundy or deep violet completed with luxe gold details.

Hoop Earrings

Yes, hoop earrings stay cool even next year. The 1980's innovation is all around and hoop earrings make us look and feel special. They might look simple, but you definitely gonna create a stunning appearance. This year we see interesting makeovers that look uber-luxury and highly modern. You are about to see large designs, oversized styles, the ones encrusted with tiny precious stones, etc.

Baker Boy Hats

This headpiece is officially back in fashion and you better buy the one to stay in trend. This classic cap looks perfect on weekend ensembles. You can style it with jeans, dresses, knitwear, leather pants and skirts. This is a must-have of the season.

Accessories Trends For Women 2019

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