Men’s urban fashion garments for winter 2014-2015 by NICCE

If you want yourself this winter 2014-2015 season a real streetwear look, then I advice to take a look at this urban men garments collection made by NICCE. It's a young streetwear brand, which was established midway through 2013. These clothes are made for people who want simple, no-fuss designs that will make them look modern, sporty and very masculine. In today's post I want to share with you label's full winter collection for this season. You are going to see clean cut wearable apparel that is good enough for wearing in the streets, at home, home parties, casual weekends, as well as at the gym. If you want something that will make you feel comfortable, then I highly recommend to look through these garments.

Men's urban fashion garments for winter 2014-2015 by NICCE (1)
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Festive And Everyday Garments For Spring-Summer 2015 By Grace Maier

Today's story is about a young, but already well-known, Munich designer brand named Grace Maier. Once I took a look at this apparel, I've already had my personal feelings and thoughts about this brand: It's sophisticated, very feminine, but somewhat edgy. From the very first sight, you can see the high quality of these creations, as each piece is crafted from the finest materials and produced in the EU under “fair working conditions”. Speaking of the usability of these garments, then I think you can wear them at various evening events, starting from formal business events, night parties, special celebrations and even at work. Every piece looks flattering, making every woman look special and classy.

Grace Maier - I can’t cook, who cares - Spring-Summer 2015 Collection (1)
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30 Stunning Plus Size Dresses For Spring-Summer 2015 By Marina Rinaldi

This time I want to share with you Marina Rinaldi latest spring-summer 2015 collection of women's plus size dresses that are absolutely gorgeous and ready to wear for various occasions, starting from work to cocktail parties to formal business meetings, operas and theaters. You are going to see loads of pretty and contemporary designs that are absolutely must-have. I think every lady who is now looking through these stunning ensembles is already thinking of buying one for herself. Well, I can understand you, as each design is a trendy piece that perfectly suits any woman, no matter what's her age and body shape. Anyway, enough words, let's see collection:

Plus Size Dresses For Spring-Summer 2015 by Marina Rinaldi (1)That's a stunning floral embellished 3/4 sleeved design that ideally suits your everyday looks. Try it on with black or white sandals and a black cropped blazer.
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Spring-Summer 2015 Relaxed and Off-Duty Urban Chic Clothes For Women in G.V.G.V.

When it feels like surfing in the city streets. Today I want to draw your attention to the latest Spring-Summer 2015 season collection of women's urban chic clothes for women that can be seen in G.V.G.V. latest lookbook. Japanese brand managed to combine boyfriend's looks with chic and feminine touches, offering its clientèle city surfing spirit that refreshed every single look. Speaking of waves and the water, the spring season was inspired by the surfing life. G.V.G.V. offers mannish elements and loose-fit silhouettes mixed up with modern prints and bright colors. I personally felt in love with patched denim and those layered knitwear.

G.V.G.V. Spring-Summer 2015 (1)Keep it sporty and urban inspired. Here we see one model who appears in a poncho like white sweater, cargo gray wide pants, high sole modern sandals and Clubmaster sunglasses. The second model looks modern boho chic inspired to me, as she appears in a faded light plaid pattern separates embellished with a neckscarf and wearing high sole sneaker sandals.
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Beautiful Jewelery And Accessories in Colette by Colette Hayman Spring-Summer 2015

Please welcome Australian fashion accessories brand colette by colette hayman. The following label epitomizes fast fashion, offering you the voguish range of fun, stylish and modern accessories, handbags and jewelery. The brand's creator and owner Colette Hayman loves sharing her designs with women of all ages by creating exciting pieces that can be used as an everyday essentials, as well as special evening must-haves. You are going to see fabulous necklaces, rings, earrings and bags. Each piece is a fantastic update to complete your head-to-toe look.

537299 SQUARE STN RING 7.95

That's what you really need for a retro or disco 1970's inspired party. Here we see a square stone ring. The price for the ring is $7.95.

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Morse Code Inspired Jewelery In Code Love Spring-Summer 2015

If you have a deep passion for design, fashion and art, then you might fall in love with the latest Spring-Summer 2015 season jewelry collection made by Code Love. You might ask what is so special about this brand? The singularity lies in its inspiration and visualization, as each and every piece is designed using Morse Codes dots and dashes, so that every piece has something unique ‘written’ into it. Every creation has a hidden message that is designed into it. I think every girl, lady and woman will love to have one of these stunning pieces in her jewelry collection. Giving one of these unique items to your closest person, you automatically sharing the important message with your truly best friend or girlfriend. All in all, every single piece from Code Love has something special and heart felt.

Code Love Spring-Summer 2015 1

Even cuffs features Morse Code message, you can find 'Boss' or 'XOX' words.

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Elvis et Moi Spring-Summer 2015

I'd like to share with you, my dear readers, this adoring and boho chic inspired spring-summer 2015 season's collection made by Elvis Moi. The label's creator and designer Emilie Austin of Elvis et Moi creates amazing pieces that are not only high qualitative, but also unique and bohemian rock chic. All the showcased jewelery items feature creative and luxury details. I personally felt in love with Emilie's feminine, edgy and effortless creations. She uses classic materials, including silver, rose gold, brass and semi-precious stones. I personally felt in love with her minimalistic bracelet designs. You can try on Emilie's pieces with evening ensembles, as well as with causal leather jackets and denim essentials.

Elvis et Moi Spring-Summer 2015 (1)

Here we see a silvery heart shaped box ring. Try it on with casual separates and cocktail basics.

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Ouigal Spring-Summer 2015

The today's story is about Italian shoewear brand Ouigal and its spring-summer 2015 season's collection. You are going to see elegant, fun and spontaneous shoes what are inspired by sunny days in Paris with the scent of Californian ocean and the city vibe. All the showcased styles are meant for wearing in the streets, at the bars, discos, beaches and road trips. I kind of like that combination of French sophistication and Californian chillin that makes the core of Ouigal philosophy. Every footwear is made of high quality leather, wood, cork and rope, where each design is made of natural materials. Designers behind the label define these shoes to be "french-california." All in all, if you want yourself bright, colorful and fun shoes with creative 1970's spirit, then take a closer look at these comfortable and trendy styles.

Ouigal Spring-Summer 2015 (1)

The cork high sole and the beaded pale turquoise leather upper make this style look gorgeous. Try them on with your favorite cut-offs and loose-fit tank top.

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The Bugs Life: Vernissage Spring-Summer 2015 Insect Jewellery

Diamonds and Insects. Today I want to share with you label's Verissage Spring-Summer 2015 season's collection, which consists of a fabulous jewelry inspired by insects life. Each label's collection takes its illumination by combining traditional nature life with bespoke craftsmanship. I personally felt in love with these almost living creatures. At first glance you might not discover what really hides under those shiny jewelery creations, but once you take a closer look, you can see those amazing camouflaged leaves and twigs of the flying animals. Each piece looks like a real masterpiece. I really recommend you to take a closer look at these original and unique artwork pieces.

Vernissage Spring-Summer 2015 Jewellery (1)

How about this gorgeous silver and diamond necklace from Vernissage. The necklace features green enamel wings and a small circular link chain. The necklace fastens with a clasp at the back.

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The Best Acessories To Try On This Spring-Summer 2015

Today I want to share with you an awesome compilation of the best accessories to try on this spring-summer 2015 season. You are going to see awesome handbags, envelope clutches, leather sandals and sneakers that are ideal for urban and special occasion wear. I personally love each of the presented styles, as you can mix and match it with your favorite looks, starting from athletic urban garments to formal and evening appropriate designs. Every piece can be found at Club 21 online shop.


Balenciaga offers a spacious Arena Giant 12 city bag in light purple color. The approximate price for this essential is about USD 2,014

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