Zareena Autumn-Winter 2014-2015

Please welcome Zareena's Fall-Winter 2014-2015 collection's runway show which was presented during Fashion Forward event in Dubai. The brand's main theme is concentrated in abstract shapes and lines reworked in artistic manner. I personally felt in love with label's choice of daring color combinations, which underline woman's sophistication and femininity. Each gown, outfit has something mystic and outstanding, once you try it on you will feel yourself special and aristocratic. I would say it's a collection of Hello Modern India. The runway was full of ethnic-chic festival outfits, from jalabiyahs to Japanese inspired pleats. You are about to experience Indian oranges and reds, gold threads, arabesque Moroccan caftans, capes and other ceremonial-inspired looks. The clothing comes with simple cuts, traditional silhouettes updated with contemporary details. Love the ethnic influence and traditional arabesque and floral motifs. I would like to share with you the most stunning pieces from the runway:

Zareena - Runway - Fashion Forward Dubai April 2014

A caftan red dress embellished with opulent ornaments and styled with veil turban.

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House of Ronald Autumn-Winter 2014-2015

Please welcome modern Amazonian women, who are not afraid to show their strength power, femininity and beauty. Today I'd like to share with all of you House of Roland latest Fall-Winter 2014-2015 collection's runway show (Fashion Forward Dubai) which features lots of sequins, satins, crepes, gazars, and velvet fabrics. The militaristic accessories and geometric print motifs are simply the best, while the color palette ranges from gold, silver metallics, navy blue, black, white, red. Here are presented my favorites which for sure will attract your eyes. British-Lebanese designer Ronald Abdala behind the label offers edgy designs and ready to wear must haves. The collection is entitled X-Ray and is inspired by human skeleton. As you can see, the strong focus is on the waist, lots of structured tops and embellished outerwear designs.

House Of Ronald - Runway - Fashion Forward Dubai April 2014

That's a perfect modern outfit: cropped white top and high waisted long, flared skirt.

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Velsvoir X Patrick Hellmann Autumn-Winter 2014-2015

Today I would like to share with you my dear readers Velsvoir X Patrick Hellmann Fall-Winter 2014-2015 collection's runway show which was presented during FFWD (Fashion Forward) in Dubai. Velsvoir collection of men's and women's accessories was showcased in a collaboration with German brand Patrick Hellman, which is focused on tailored clothing. New collection is about London which meets Dubai, giving us an idea of a traveling man. Here are shown refreshing colorful accents, African-inspired belts, fun slippers, short linen jackets, colorful vests, jeans, velvet trousers, while the womenswear line consists of tuxedo pants, bow ties, fitted blazers and cropped pants. Monitoring the runway looks I came to an idea, all these outfits are perfect for working hours, business men and women.

Velsvoir X Patrick Hellmann Autumn-Winter 2014-2015

A fitted pantsuit with yellow handkerchief lapel is worn with double-breasted checkered vest and cow print slippers.

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Essa Fall-Winter 2014-2015

This Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 season designers dare to combine fur, sequins, metallics, prints and leather. Have you ever imagined all these fabrics and details put together, well, let me share with you Essa collection. Essa Walla behind the brand reveals real beauty of party girl's essentials. You are about to see mix of various fabrics, floor-grazing, body hugging gowns, ready-to-wear outerwear, vintage feathers, funky polka dots, metallic skirts, plastic A-line skirts, etc. My personal favorites from the show are timeless shearling coats, sequined jackets, single-breasted astrakhan coat. The show was full of colorful and statement looks, which are meant for opulent parties, cocktail events and festive shows. I find most of the presented looks to be extravagant, while at the same time accessible.

Essa - Runway - Fashion Forward Dubai April 2014

That's an office appropriate style: loose-fit top in white with sequined horizontal stripe in silvery crystals and black feathers, cropped fitted chinos, statement cuffed heels and leopard print clutch bag.

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The Starch Foundation Spring-Summer 2014

Beirut-based Starch Foundation presented new Spring-Summer 2014 collection during Fashion Forward (FFWD) event. The Starch Foundation is a non-profit organization which helps promoting Lebanese emerging designers. This season designers are Jo Baaklini and Timi Hayek. Timi Hayek notes that this year's collection is made for women who want to feel modern, comfort, fresh and chic. Designer combined stripes, prints, pleats, while the colors are navy blue, monochrome and ivory. I personally love the sheer fabrics use. My favorite look is one dress with a collar which features a drawn digital print. Designer Jo Baaklini line comes with strong colors, graphic prints and classic cuts. His season was inspired by warm climes of the Levant and Gulf.

The Starch Foundation Spring-Summer 2014

Male model appears in dark blue jacket, fruit print shirt with rolled up sleeves, cuffed turquoise chinos and see through plastic sandals.

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The Best From Pitchouguina Fall-Winter 2014-2015

Dear readers, today I want to bring you my favorite looks from Pitchougina's latest Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 ready to wear runway show which was presented in St. Petersburg, Russia during Aurora Fashion Week. Label's designer Anna was born in Russia, yet she lived in Poland (where she grew up), then she jumped around Paris, New York and now, she is finally based in London, where she has her own studio. The Fall season was inspired by fabrications and trims, plain colors, Italian wools, delicate lace, beads and organza. You are about to see romantic and delicate dresses, decorative rose embroideries, statement hooded outerwear. I personally feel kind of sporty chic and classic feminine touches in these pretty creations.

Pitchouguina Fall-Winter 2014-2015 (3)

This dress is perfect for office wear.

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2014 Sunglasses by Surface to Air

French label Surface to Air reveals new collection of sunglasses 2014. You are about to see men and women 1990's inspired Los Angeles and skater classic styles. Every piece comes with detailed touches, bright colors, mirrored or classic lenses. The 2014 collection of eyewear is modern, statement and eclectic. The styles are simply the best, as we see gorgeous effects, matte blacks, blues, translucent mushroom and dark gray, classic tortoiseshell. Let's have a detailed look at these pretty frames:

2014 Sunglasses by Surface to Air (1)

How about these black urban style which can be easily teamed with bombers.

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Ralph Lauren Purple Label Spring-Summer 2014 Campaign

Let's have a look at the latest Ralph Lauren Purple Label Spring-Summer 2014 collection's campaign, which looks like movie screencaps and it's no wonder why it looks so, as Ralph Lauren’s son and filmmaker, Andrew Lauren fronts the ads images. You are about to see timeless elegance, real man's beauty, which reflects grace, aristocracy and power. Andrew is captured on a luxe getaway. Here are presented label's classic black knit creations, white suits and modernized knits.

Ralph Lauren Purple Label Spring-Summer 2014 Campaign (1)

A gray suit worn with white button-down, gray tie and striped pullover.

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Louis Vuitton Men Pre-Fall 2014 Look Book

Louis Vuitton design director Kim Jones reveals label's Pre-Fall 2014 menswear collection which is all about ultimate travels. You are about to see comfortable travel clothing, semi-formal essentials including travel suits, bombers, parkas, field outerwear in rich leather and soft suede, long fur collar coats, sweaters, flight outerwear, slim-cut trousers, reflective sunglasses, chukka boots, cool shades, loafers and iconic premium luggages, etc. The next cold season LV man got travels on his mind, as he's ready for active adventures.

Louis Vuitton Men Pre-Fall 2014 Look Book (1)

Retro shades, cream white bomber, pleated trousers and high sole loafers.

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FRENN Spring-Summer 2014 Men’s Looks

Please welcome Finland, Helsinki based fashion brand FRENN and its Spring-Summer 2014 collection's lookbook. The brand is well known for its urban working man clothes creation. The label represents individuality, comfort and credibility in men's contemporary workwear. Each piece is designed in Helsinki and manufactured in Estonia. The summer season is full of sharp fits, smart details, smart-casual suits and individual cuts. Each piece is designed for urban workers who admire comfort, practicality and originality. The latest ready to wear collection consists of high quality pieces, contemporary lines, office appropriate looks and practical essentials. My favorites from the latest collection are long shorts, blazers and chinos.

FRENN Spring-Summer 2014 Men's Looks (1)

Sharp dark blue blazer, printed shirt, bow tie and chinos.

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