Fall 2015 Skirt Trends

The Autumn 2015 is full of amazing trends. Today we are going to focus on ladies skirts. We still see a very strong 1970's influence, yet there are awesome modern twist going on around. This Winter 2015-2016 comes with front-buttoned skirts, A-lines, cool maxi designs, flared midi ones, knife-pleated skirts, tea-lengths, over-the-knee, high-waisted models, wrap and creative styles. I could continue counting this year's must-try styles, but I think we better take a look through them, so you can choose the one what for sure will suit you.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (1)

An Italian Theory keeps it flirty and sweet. We see a casual pink vest worn with simple white tee tucked in flared pink colored mini skirt.

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Women’s Tops – Fall 2015 Clothing Trends

What tops and tunics are on trend this Autumn 2015? If you keep on asking yourself this question, then you might find this post very useful, as I have made this awesome compilation of ladies voguish tops to try on this cold season.

Women's Tops - Fall 2015 Clothing Trends (1)

This is a lovely blouse made by Peter Jensen. What is so specail about it anyway? It's bright, it comes with a sweet tie and you can wear it tucked in your favorite trousers.

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New Knitting Trends and Patterns for Fall 2015

I'd like to know, where is the magic? We see awesome magic tricks from various designers, as they offer us marvelous knitwear must-haves to try on this Autumn 2015 season. You are about to view vintage nostalgia, asymmetrical cuts, relaxed fits, tunic and poncho shapes, bulky sweaters, sophisticated cape-sweaters, loose-fit cardigans, cool tops with dropped shoulders, oversized knits, eye-catching knit sets and many other must-try layers and separates. Stay on trend this fall, as I am here to show you some of the best looks to try that will keep you warm and voguish.

New Knitting Trends and Patterns for Fall 2015 (1)

James Hock reveals an exaggerated cozy sweater. An ideal piece for Lazy Sundays and casual walks in the parks.

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Evening Fur Coats For Fall-Winter 2015-2016

If you are in search of an awesome evening appropriate fur coat for this Autumn 2015 season, then you might be interested in this cool compilation of my favorite designer collections which feature stunning fur and faux fur cover-ups. Why do women love wearing furs? It's simple, these coats are luxe status symbols, what make you look rich and gracious. Many ladies are in search of beautiful topper styles what will undeniably give them a high rank class look. The demand for furs still grows, that's why so many fashion brands are offering such beautiful fur outerwear.

Evening Fur Coats For Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (1)

Lena Hoschek keeps it retro inspired by offering us belted fit-and-flare dark green fur coat.

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2015 Fall Trend Alert: The WRAP COAT

If you want yourself a functional, simple, elegant and cozy outerwear for this Winter 2015-2016, then it might be a WRAP COAT. It definitely brings the air of elegance, once you try it on. It feels like you are still wearing your bathrobe...but in the streets. This versatile cover-up can easily be transited from the office to cocktail parties effortlessly. There are dozens of awesome designs and colors available. I am so in love with rich cream, camel, blue and brown ones. You can wear this outerwear with anything underneath, starting from tailored trousers and cool turtlenecks to skinny jeans and cozy sweaters. There is a chance to throw multiple layers on it.

Wrap Coats For Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (1)

Baum und Pferdgarten offers rich blue colored piece what can be belted with a skinny studded strap.

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Fall 2015 Bomber & Varsity Jackets for Women

Wanna have a practicool topper this Winter 2015-2016 season? If your answer is YES, then I am glad to share with you my favorite bombers and varsity jackets from different well known fashion brands. Take a look through this compilation and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Fall 2015 Bomber & Varsity Jackets for Women (1)

Arthur Arbesser keeps it sophisticated and tailored. We see a dark grey jacket with light-grey sleeves and matching color patch-details. What makes this topper look awesome, then it's the fur color and back.

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Casual Jackets To Wear This Fall 2015

What is the best jacket to wear from mornings to evenings? It's casual jacket my dear reader. In today's post we are going to look through my favorite designs from various designer brands what are great for wearing this Autumn 2015 season. Why do I like these cover-ups? They are simple, relaxed, versatile and fit any body shape. Plus they are highly adaptable for any outfit. I mean you can dress up or down and still your jacket will look impeccable on you. The trick is to make everything look balanced on you.

Casual Jackets To Wear This Fall 2015 (1)

Brand Badlands keeps things simple and functional offering us a black navy field jacket what will ideally fit our everyday outfits. As you can see, there is a chance to complete the look by adding wide-brim hat and leather leggings in black.

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Midi Skirts Trend Styles For Fall 2015

It's the right time to forget about mini and maxi skirts, as we've got midi skirts trend to try this Autumn 2015 season! This length is worth wearing during chilly days, believe me! Lots of designers are offering its clientele marvelous styles to try this year, we see 1970's inspired ones, straight fit styles, A-line shapes and many other interesting versions. The midi skirt has an ability to make any outfit look instantly fashionable. The best part of midis is that you can style them with absolutely everything what you can find in your wardrobe.

Midi Skirts Trend Styles For Fall 2015 (1)

Kaelen offers an office friendly pencil style midi skirt in high-rise fit and blush color. You can pair it with a nice shirt or a blouse.

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Fall 2015 Oversized and Big Jackets For Women: My Top 10

Boxy and big jackets are in trend this Autumn 2015. The bigger the better! The oversized outerwear appears to be very popular these days. Why? It's because of its practicality. I am so in love with shapeless designs, which fall directly down with no curve or shaping to be seen. Every exaggerated jacket will ideally fit any woman no matter if she's skinny or plus size. The boyfriends trend keeps moving on and I am so happy to see ladies wearing these cool and big outerwear styles. This updated louche silhouette totally makes sense! The cocoon shape will ideally suit those women who are in love with sophisticated and very individual fashion.

Fall 2015 Oversized and Big Jackets For Women (1)

Keep it Cool and Navy! Suzanne Rae keeps it relaxed and cozy. I love her 1/2 wide sleeve cover-up in navy color.

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